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   How to play Mr. Soundman?

The basics:
Press on the 'New Game' tab to start the game. You start with three lives. Mr. Soundman will now play an audio source with a noticeable boost somewhere across the frequency range.

Your mission is to identify the boosted frequency. By pressing the EQ On/EQ Off buttons, you can hear and compare the original and the equalized sound sources to make better decisions.

The closer you are to the boosted frequency the more points you gain. But your answer has to be within the 'right answer range' to gain any points at all.

Five correct answers will pass you to the next stage. A higher stage means more bonus points per answer, and also a narrower 'right answer range' (So you have to provide more precise answers). The game starts with a wide 'right answer range' of 3 octaves, but only the best will get to the octave zone.

Score and Awards:
When you give a correct answer you gain points. The closer you are to the original frequency the more proximity points you gain. A perfect answer will grant you the full 5000 proximity points. When you answer correctly you also get the extra stage bonus points. In the first stages this bonus is low, but as you step ahead this bonus gets higher.

mr. soundman awards
According to your score you can win three different awards: the Bronze Ear, the Silver Ear and the Golden Ear award. Each of these awards grant you a special prize.

So how much do you have to score to win an award?

60000 points for the Bronze Ear Award
120000 points for the Silver Ear Award
180000 points: You are Mr. Soundman, a Golden Ear Award winner!

Special Competitions:
From time to time we announce special competitions with special prizes for the winners. When a competition is taking place you will find a unique code on our Competition Page

To participate in a competition click on the competition tab on your game panel, and enter the unique competition code that we provide. Watch a video



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