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Mr. Soundman Premium
Take your ears to the next level

Sounds Practice DrEar
Mr. Soundman Premium provides the ultimate solution for music producers and sound engineers that want to take audio ear training one step forward! Get more sounds, get advanced training, visit dr. ear and build your personal practice folder.
Premium ear training
  Free Premium
Sound sources 8 108
Win awards and prizes
Participate in competitions
Load your own sounds
Practice mode
Selective sound source training
Focused frequency-range training
Adjustable boost/cut/bandwidth
Build your presonal practice folder
Premium support
Dr.Ear hearing test

More sounds:
Play and practice with a premium collection of high quality audio sources: vocals, guitars, pianos, drum loops, string sections, brass sections, kicks, snares, synth sounds, and more. Mr. Soundman premium also enables you to load and use your own sounds and to build your personal practice folder.
Focused Practice:
Mr. Soundman premium brings you the most versatile and flexible practice experience. Improve your frequency detection within the hi-mid frequency range, have a focused training session with kick drums, or learn to identify slight nuances in vocals between 500hz and 1khz. The advanced practice mode is fully adjustable so you can work on and improve certain aspects of your listening skills.
Dr. Ear:
How good are your ears? Can you hear a 17khz? What exactly is the highest frequency that you can hear? Dr. Ear will check your ears and get back to you with the results!

Mr. sound man premium

System requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
- Pentium 4 1500 mhz or better
- 512mb RAM or more
- Asio driver
- 200MB free disk space
Stand alone application for windows

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Audio ear training software for music producers and sound engineers.
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