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Mr. Soundman enables you to compete with other music producers and sound engineers around the globe. Prove your talent and you might win valuable prizes!

Get your competition code:

Open Competition: An open competition is a competition that any Mr. Soundman user can participate in, and this is probably the competition that you are looking for. When an open competition is running, a unique competition code will appear on the top of the competition page on our site.

Closed Competition: A closed competition is for a specific target audience only, and it will be marked with *(asterisk) on the competition menu. The code for a closed competition will be provided individually.

Enter your code, compete and submit your score:

Click the 'competition' tab on your Mr. Soundman game panel and enter the competition code there. When the 'start' button becomes green, click it and start playing in the competition mode.

At the end of the game fill in your details and press 'submit'. That's it, you're in! You can play in the competition mode as many times as you want, and update the score you have submitted earlier with a new higher one.

Standings and winners:

You can see the competition standings on our standings page. On this page you can also see ended competitions, with the final standings and winners.

New competitions and winners will be also announced on our facebook and twitter pages.